5 Ways to Sneak Into NYFW

I recently took my first trip to New York during a portion of New York Fashion Week. I spent a lot of time strategizing how I would get myself involved. Here’s five ways you can squeeze yourself into fashion week events:

1. Follow all the fashion icons on Snapchat

Following fashion icons on snapchat was my main source for tracking NYFW events. Models, designers, and celebrities were posting photos and videos of shows they were attending. Many snapchat users would use geo-filters which then confirmed the show and the location.

2. Use locations and hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts

We were constantly checking social media for check ins at “New York Fashion Week” or venues hosting shows. This was helpful because we could have the exact address and directions with one click. We would also search for hash tags including “NYFW” to see what the industry was up to.


3. Search upcoming events on Eventbrite

Another way to find out where people are headed is Eventbrite. The great thing about Eventbrite was that the events on here are open to the public. We RSVP’d to rooftop after parties, streaming parties, and even bought tickets to a Couture Fashion Week show. The site operates efficiently because you can select the date, location, and key words (“fashion”) to find the types of events you are looking for.


4. Look up the intern’s job descriptions

Now you know how to get to all the prime locations, but how do you get in? Knowing the life of an intern during NYFW will better your chances of being where they are. Almost all shows have volunteers/interns and you can find their list of duties on either the company’s website or websites like internships.com. For example, I know that clean up is inevitable at a fashion show. As we waited outside J.Crew at Spring Studios, someone mistakenly left a door open. I simply helped myself through the unlocked entrance and when confronted by a frustrated bouncer asking what I was doing, I replied with confidence that I was there to help with clean up. He was relieved that I wasn’t a desperate fashion student attempting to sneak into the show, so he showed me to the private entrance where the staff and special guests entered.


5. Identify as a “blogger”

Although I was close, I wasn’t unsuccessful in reaching the actual runway room, but it wasn’t over for us. It turns out that TRESemmé had a lounge for attendees to relax, refresh, and restyle in between shows. Technically, I am a blogger…just not a valued NYFW Fashion Blogger that had tickets to all the shows. Same thing, right? Right. So, accepting the fact that we wouldn’t be watching Altuzarra live, we enjoyed a lattes, a free make over, and a photoshoot. I’ll take it as a win.





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